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Are you and your employees paying too much? At Mid-Atlantic brokerage we have innovative methods of structuring your benefits to lower your overall costs.

Our company was created to provide insurance consumers quick, easy access to their insurance policies. We maintain high standards on the companies we work with, while providing excellent service throughout the process. Our focus is on providing lots of policy choices for your company’s and/or family’s future. We strive to provide you with the best possible customer service while offering a wide variety of products to best suit your specific needs.

The fact is we can provide a quick and convenient way to shop for and purchase insurance 24-hours a day from the comfort of your home or office.  For Instance, we have a searching technology designed specifically to find you the best prices on life insurance. You complete the questions on our quote form and in a few seconds our search technology will search through all the top life insurance companies. Every search is accurate and un-biased, and delivers you an easy to understand comparison of the most competitively priced policies available to you. Term Life Insurance rates continue to be very low but, there is no guarantee the trend will continue. Now is a great time to lock in your life insurance rates. You have my personal guarantee that we will work hard on your behalf to secure you the lowest rates available in the market whether you’re looking for life insurance, health insurance, disability, long term care, Medicare supplements etc.  In addition we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection package.

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What would you do if someone stole your identity?

We offer the most comprehensive identity theft monitoring and restoration with 24/7 access to legal counsel.
Information on the Identity Theft Shield

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